1. Must be a minimum age of 17 years prior to the issuance of this permit. Training may begin prior to this age.

2. Must be a Canadian Citizen, landed immigrant or a person lawfully admitted into Canada for flight training.

3. Must complete an aviation medical examination by a Transport Canada approved aviation medical examiner to a minimum of a category 3 standard. 

Training program

Ground School

Flight Training

Flight Training


A minimum of 40 Hours ground school is required.

Flight Training

Flight Training

Flight Training


45 Hours minimum, consisting of:

  • 30 hours dual (with instructor)
  • 12 hours solo
  • 5 hours of instrument time of which a maximum of 3 hours may be done in a simulator
  • 5 hours cross-country (flight time) with a flight of a minimum of 150 nautical miles which shall include 2 full stop landings at points other than the point of departure

Note: These flight training times are based on Transport Canada minimums and more training may be required.


1. Must obtain a minimum of 60% overall as well as on all four sections of the Transport Canada written examination Private Pilot  Aeroplane (PPAER).

2. Must pass a practical flight test conducted by a Transport Canada Designated Flight Test Examiner.

3. Must satisfy all training criteria as outlined in the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARS).


The Private Pilot License entitles the holder to:

  • Operate any single-engine non-high performance aircraft, while carrying passenger
  • Fly during daytime and Visual Flight Rules (VFR) only
  • Add endorsements/ratings such as Night, Multi-Engine, Instrument and Seaplane