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Aircraft Management

Canadian Flyers World Aviation Services

Canadian Flyers World Aviation Services (CFWAS) is a private aircraft management provider offering extensive experience and support for the global mining and resource sector, specializing in operations using the DHC-6 300 Twin Otter STOL turboprop.
We provide a total solution for our customer's initial aircraft purchase or lease, importation, government licensing, crew, maintenance, safety management, hangarage and associated operating costs while serving our clients with ongoing flexibility which offers a range of possible operations options tailored to provide the most economical service.
Our professional team includes skilled type-rated transport pilots with both instructional and a wide range of operational experience plus a highly qualified and skilled maintenance team which uses modern maintenance tracking programs providing preventive maintenance while ensuring aircraft under our management are always in an excellent working condition.
All CFWAS personnel are proud of the fact that all professional training and operational work is always at or above Transport Canada and local Civil Aviation Authority standards and have always met or exceeded our client's expectations.
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